NEW YORK TIMES Magazine Article Who Made That? -Striking on the Modern Matchbook

NEW YORK TIMES Magazine Article Who Made That? -Striking on the Modern Matchbook

Fun Match Fact: Who Invented the strike on cover match book?

“…Joshua Pusey, a lawyer and the inventor of the modern toboggan, patented a folded piece of cardboard carrying matches and a striker in 1892. …. legend suggests it had more to do with vanity than with safety. “I heard that he was a patent attorney and was always wearing suits and vests,” explains Mark Bean, President of the match division of New Hampshire’s D. D. Bean & Sons Company, which has been in the trade since 1938. “And that the box of wooden matches was bulky and awkward to carry around.”

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President of TheMatchGroup. Producers of lowest cost/fastest turnaround branded match books, match boxes, toothpicks, coasters, napkins, branded sugar stick packets, printed paper bags, pens, bottle openers, breath mints to Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Country Clubs, Tobacconists, Cigar Manufacturers, as well as Candle Makers.
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