Promotional Flyer Circa 1980’s Universal Match Corp. Targeted to Hotels

Promotional Flyer Circa 1980's Universal Match Corp. Targeted to Hotels

In 1987, When I first started my career in the Advertising Match business, I was the Regional Sales Manager at Universal Match Corporation. Universal Match was considered the “Rolls Royce” highest quality standard in the match industry back then. During the time I was there and prior to their liquidation in 1991, they employed over 70 direct outside sales people covering all 50 states in the U.S. who were dedicated exclusively to selling only advertising match books and match boxes!

This is a copy of  one of their many targeted sales person “leave behind” flyers that would have been distributed to all hotels, motels and resorts. “MATCH YOUR_, _, _, _, _, YOUR NAME WITH MORE BUSINESS.”

The flyer suggested how branded matches should have been distributed throughout the entire hotel’s property during that period:

in their guest rooms (all were smoking rooms back then), at their restaurants and lounges, conference rooms, concierge desk, valet, room service and bellman stations, etc. I love their tag line: UNIVERSAL MATCH. THE BRIGHT REMINDER.

If you’re considering placing an order for your business’ branded match books or match boxes please GoTo: TheMatchGroup or give us a call at 800.605.7331 and we’ll provide the spark that will ignite your brand!


About kingmatch

President of TheMatchGroup. Producers of lowest cost/fastest turnaround branded match books, match boxes, toothpicks, coasters, napkins, branded sugar stick packets, printed paper bags, pens, bottle openers, breath mints to Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Country Clubs, Tobacconists, Cigar Manufacturers, as well as Candle Makers.
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