MATCH BOOKS Used by Joseph Martinez to Create His Original Oil Paintings As Mini Works of Pocket Fine Art!

Joseph Martinez Oil Painting using the inside covers of match books as his canvas!

Joseph Martinez Oil Painting using the inside covers of match books as his canvas!

A fascinating re-purposing of Paper match books that are used by the artist Joseph Martinez to create original life like oil paintings as mini works of pocket fine art!

Check out the video montage of Joseph’s fascinating work on Vimeo:

To order your business’ own little work of art goto: TheMatchGroup or call one of our Match Mavens at 800.605.7331 to design your branded match books.


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President of TheMatchGroup. Producers of lowest cost/fastest turnaround branded match books, match boxes, toothpicks, coasters, napkins, branded sugar stick packets, printed paper bags, pens, bottle openers, breath mints to Restaurants, Hotels, Nightclubs, Country Clubs, Tobacconists, Cigar Manufacturers, as well as Candle Makers.
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