AMC’s New Show “Better Call Saul” Featured An Advertising Matchbook In It’s First & Second Episodes!

The first & second episodes of AMC’s New Show “Better Call Saul” Featured An Advertising Matchbook as a major plot device!

This new Spinoff from AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad has the makings of another big hit!

better Call Saul

If you watched the first episode that was broadcasted 2/8 and the 2nd episode on 2/9, Jimmy McGill’s (who will later change his name to Saul Goodman) advertising matchbook was used as a major plot device. The matchbook was prominently displayed with the logo & ad copy “JAMES M. MCGILL A Lawyer You Can Trust” being advertised on his matchbook. It was pointed out to him that his advertising matchbook caused a conflict of interest with a much larger law firm that happened to include his brother’s same surname “McGill” as being listed as one of it’s founding partners in the larger firm’s name! So his brother advised him to change the name of his practice and use his new name for printing on his matches!

JamesMMcGill-frontCover JamesMMcGill-Inside

Then in the second episode, his advertising match book SAVED HIS LIFE when he was about to be wacked by a drug gang!

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